Giant in the sky

This work - an attempt to reproduce, it is being able to take place in reality in the 30s trying to certain hypothetical and not quite healthy and ill-educated designer to build on public money such absurdity. I can even imagine that as a result of this hypothetical poor fellow-konstrukotor was again hypothetically arrested and soon shot for senseless waste of public money on a large scale. )))

In short, people do not bother and do not look for any rational grain here - it is not here. And the best just smile and remember the mad 20th century.

The prototype aircraft project taken in 1932 svertyazhelogo bomber K7 Designer KA Kalinin. K7 was built in a single copy which crashed during testing. The presented model has dimensions that go beyond the prototype in 2, 5 times and has the relevant details of the new dimensions somashtabnye

Option glazing wing cabins

The military option 6 x 203 mm, 8 mm x 100 mm, 2h152 mm machine guns (many)

12h203 mm 8h100mm, 2h152 mm

6h305 mm ANC (dynamo-jet gun (recoil), ammunition - buckshot, shot), 6h203 mm, 8 h100mm, 2h152 mm


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