Strange clouds began to appear all over the world

Strange clouds began to appear all over the world.
Meteorologists have not seen anything like it.

These clouds look like whether on a stormy sea, whether on the earth's surface. They are dark, bizarre "dented". Of these, stick swirling "horns." View - frightening. And ominous.

Pictures of clouds coming from all over the world. English newspapers published several made over the UK and New Zealand. But it is possible that this can be seen anywhere else.

New Zealand

Dark clouds eerily, surprisingly, not a threat. Wherever they appeared, people were waiting for the hurricane. But nothing like that.
 - Judging by the color, the structure contains a lot of moisture, - says Professor Paul Hardaker (Paul Hardaker), executive director of the British Royal Meteorological Society. - We need a lot of energy and heat to form clouds so amazing shape.
The British took the initiative to call education than ever before in the sky «Asperatus».
And suggested that this title in atlases. That it was something to talk about in detail. Like now for instance, talk about the clouds Cirrus, unguiculate, dense, entangled, layered, of cumulus clouds, pearl and silver.

If a proposal to take the World Meteorological Organization (World Meteorological Organisation in Geneva), the existence of a new type of cloud will be officially recognized. But in any case, the scientists have to figure out where these come from. And as evidenced by. While this is a mystery. Despite the abundance of images.
Clouds have frightened
Clouds never before worried observers
Writing in a blog, which visitors expect to end the world in 2012: "The interaction of spirits have always reflected the sky. Including - and on a normal, visible to us, the sky. When there is something new - it will necessarily be reflected in the (mass) consciousness. Including - and on a normal, visible to us, the sky. It will look like an unusual sky. Recently discovered a new type of cloud is not known to meteorologists. A new variant of a 1953 year. It Called "Asperatus." Something new has to get out of there. "

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In the skies of Scotland



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