Making the clouds.

We will need:
Vata (as long as you clouds); starch; water; glass; saucepan scoop or teaspoon; gas or electric.

1. Prepare a paste: pour a glass of cold water dipper.

2. Evenly mix two teaspoons of starch, and the mixture to a boil, but do not boil. Stir all the time! The paste is ready, when it becomes a density, so that you can then spread his hands about as sour cream.

3. Welded glue leave to cool to lukewarm temperature.
4. Form of wool clouds desired size.

5. Prepare a container suitable for dipping clouds, pour the paste into it.

6. Formed clouds briefly dip one in the paste and remove. Infiltrated, and as it were daubed lumps.

7. Glue more evenly with your fingers over the surface of a cotton wad.

8. The resulting workpiece lay flat on a large surface.

9. Leave to dry clouds. For uniform drying periodically overturn them.

10. After drying, the resulting clouds need a little bruise.

11. Tie the strings hang clouds. Voila!


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