Animals and their babies

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Before you pictures of animal mothers and their babies. They
pass an unforgettable atmosphere of tenderness, care and love between a mother and her child.


1. The trunk to trunk.
The zoo Oklahoma recently born baby elephant. He did not depart from his mother, 16-year-old Asian elephant on a step.


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2. Morning walk.
Goslings follow the goose while walking, Buffalo.


3. Embrace mother bear.
Little Polar Bear clung to the adult bear, Nuremberg Zoo, Germany.


4. Taking care of the offspring.
North Scottish cow and her calf in a pasture in Bozeman, USA.


5. Double trouble.
Kamchatka brown bear named Masha and her little offspring Vanya and Misha in Hamburg zoo, Germany.


6. Love for children.
Adult gorilla Diane, holding her baby, nicknamed cuemba, at the zoo in Frankfurt, Germany.


7. Time snack.
Adult sheep feeding little lamb, who is not even a week, Clinton County, USA.


8. Lemurchik.
An adult member of the family lemurovyh with her baby in the zoo of the Polish city of Chorzow.


9. Well, restless!
The cubs frolic in the water next to her mother, Nuremberg Zoo, Germany.


10. A mother's love.
Little Rhino pressed to her mother, a zoo in St. Louis.


11. Parenting.
A baby orangutan clings tenaciously to his mother, Indonesia.


12. A child on board.
Chinese pangolin cub riding on mother's tail, Thailand.


13. Enjoying the sunny day.
Family of giraffes in a zoo in Munich, Germany.


14. Orcas.
Vicki, adult killer whale swims with a toddler in the largest marine zoo in Europe, which is located on the French Riviera.


15. The manifestation of love.
Mother licks just born calf on a ranch in Oklahoma.


16. On the walk.
Binta Lioness walks her baby at the zoo in Hanover, Germany.


17. How can I comfortably!
Small wild Canadian goose is well settled in the thick plumage of his mother on the lake in Roseburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Couples Canadian Geese are very loyal to each other and to stay together for life.


18. Kid-bully.
Baby jaguar plays with her mom at the zoo Managua, Nicaragua.


19. In my mother's bag.
Small kangaroo Albert got a bite from a cozy mom's bags in a zoological park Marley, Germany.


20. Lambs jogging.
Little lamb, who was released to graze on the field for the first time, happily cavorting in the green grass on a British farm. Three thousand lambs born on this farm each year.


21. The life of a wild boar.
Small hog standing next to his mother in the German Zoological Park. After 3-4 months, interesting striped coloring baby will change to an even brown color.


22. Sweet dream.
The six-day chimpanzee baby is fast asleep, clinging to his mother, the zoo in Bratislava, Slovakia.


23. The little pig.
Little curious piglets on a farm in the German Langenhorne.


24. parental care.
White lioness named Sophia holds her 3-month baby in the zoo in Buenos Aires.


25. Swimming in the lake.
Polar bear swims Malik with his 4-month baby in the lake of Aalborg, Denmark.

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