Powerful images of the strongest Spirit Women in history

Woman is more than mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. For many hundreds of years, women struggled struggling to make this world a better place for us all. If you think that the role of women in the world is limited to motherhood, you are wrong, they are not worse than men are capable of strong and selfless deeds. We want to remind you how the women were strong and brave throughout known history.

Muslim woman covers gold star Jewish neighbor veil to protect her from prosecution. Sarajevo, the former Yugoslavia, in 1941

Kathryn Switzer became the first woman to take part in the Boston Marathon, despite attempts by the organizers of the marathon to stop her 1967

Afghan women in a public library before the Taliban seized power in 1950

Photo samurai warrior, the end of the 1800

Swede has neo-Nazi demonstrators handbag. The woman was able to escape alive from the concentration camp, 1985

Marina Ginesta, 17-year-old communist militant, the Spanish Civil War, 1936

Astronaut Anna Fisher, 1980

Jeanne Menford goes with his son gay, maintaining it during the Pride Parade, 1972

Maud Wagner, the first known female tattoo artist in the United States, 1907

Women are boxing on the roof in Los Angeles, 1933

Sabiha Gokcen from Turkey, poses with his plane in 1937. She became the first female fighter pilot

Woman drinking tea after German bombing during the blitz of London 1940

106-year-old Armenian woman is ready to defend his home, holding an AK-47, 1990

Volunteers learn to fight the fire, Pearl Harbor, 1941 - 1945

Ukrainian woman gives drink to Soviet soldiers during the Second World War, in 1941

Woman mason high above Berlin 1900

Margaret Bourke-White, photographer, climbed to the Chrysler Building, 1934

Zheleznodorozhnitsy during lunch. Many of them were wives and mothers of men who went to war in 1943

Women take an oath during their initiation into the US Marine Corps 1918

Girls delivering heavy blocks of ice after working men were mobilized 1918

Ellen O'Neill, one of the first professional skeytbordistok 1976

Two women for the first time publicly demonstrated uncovered legs in Toronto 1937

Dutch woman refused to leave her husband, a German soldier, after allied troops captured him. It was followed by a prisoner with him 1944

Komaki Kimura, a prominent Japanese suffragette (advocating for women's suffrage) on the march in New York, October 23, 1917

Elspeth Beard, during her attempt to become the first English woman to circumnavigate the globe on a motorcycle, 1980. The trip took 3 years for which she traveled 77, 25 thousand km

Gertrude Ederle became the first woman to swim the English Channel in 1926

Stand for granting suffrage to women protest after the "Night of Terror", 1917. During the "Night of terror" activists were arrested for "vosprepyatstie traffic" and were severely beaten by prison guards.

Mother playing with baby on the beach, 1950

Afghan women are studying medicine, 1962

18-year-old French resistance fighter, Simone Segouin during the liberation of Paris, August 19, 1944

Police in Los Angeles, put the baby to sleep in a drawer of her desk, after she had to take it with you to work, 1971

Women snipers third shock of the Soviet Army, May 4, 1945

The speaker for women's suffrage, Annie Lampkins, in the city jail Little Rock, 1961

Annette Kellerman posing in a bathing suit, after the publication of the picture, she was arrested for lewd conduct in 1907

Mother shows a photo of her son returned from war captivity in an attempt to find him or find out any information, Vienna 1947

Eric, 15-year-old Hungarian fighter, member of the revolt against the Soviet Union in October 1956

American nurse after landing in Normandy 1944

Nurse Red Cross records the last words of a British soldier in 1917

Women pilots have just came out of the B-17 "Pistol Packin 'Mama", 1941 - 1945

21-year-old Sarlat Takral - the first Indian woman to receive a pilot's license, 1936


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