When pictures speak more than words: The Lost People

Any loss - this is a very serious shock in our lives. Especially the pain seems unbearable when it comes to the loss of a loved one. They say, of course, that time heals, but that memory - an insidious thing. She did not forget to give those who have stepped into another world, especially if these people were relatives and loved ones. That sweet memories of the dead is that invisible thread that connects the dead with the living.

Argentine photographer Gustavo Germano decided with the help of his talent to draw public attention to the problem of disappearance of people and to show how valuable is the life of every member of the human race on earth. For this, he has recreated images of 16 family albums as follows: Left put old photos in the past, and the right - an exact copy of the same frame many years later. We immediately see that in the later pictures are missing a lot of people, sometimes entire families - these poor creatures were victims of the military dictatorship in Brazil and Argentina. It is terrible to imagine that during the seven years in these countries were missing more than 30 000 inhabitants! Looking at these pictures, and I want to cry. This is one of those cases where the pictures can say much more than words ... Feel yourself how ruthlessly time ...

It's hard not to notice what became orphaned pictures on the right ... So, without a word, with powerful photo project can literally shout that every human life - a huge gift, presented to someone again. It is striking how pain permeated all the photos taken later. Alas, without severe loss of life can not do ... The main thing - to find the strength to move on and never forget those who have gone. They are forever in the hearts of loved ones!


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