21 chilling picture that can not be explained

Most of the so-called ghost images with which virtually littered expanse of the Internet - usually inept forgery mystics amateurs, by using double exposure, glare, or perceived as pareydolicheskie illusion. But it happens that among this garbage you meet one or two photos, which is difficult to find an explanation. This chilling compilation of 21 pictures with the ghosts that will make you believe in the hereafter ...

The officer involved in the Battle of Gettysburg.

The Phantom of the mysterious lady.

Oops ... It seems someone closed the school after classes.

The man in white.

In s too VD are This silhouette of a man standing at the door?

This photo was taken in Manila. Something urged not want to let the girls. B>

The spirit of someone watching.

Hand last owner did not want to give this table.

to s also VD are ghost monk?

A truly ghostly restaurant.

estate agent thought, not wondering what he would see when he made this picture.

The boy in the cemetery.

The Phantom of the daughter of a lighthouse keeper.

This photo was taken at a hospital in Bolivia. Widi are a figure in the elevator? B>

Some watch from window ..

Ghost Freddy Jackson. Jackson was a soldier who was killed two days before this picture was taken. B>

Spirit of Christmas.

The camera recorded the ghost in the woods girl runs away from bringing the men.

Instead of boasting to his wife with the work done, he captured the ghost.

The woman's face in the dark.

The Phantom of the bride.



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