The story that 1 + 1 = More Than 2

wonderful lyrics about love Nicky Batha. Or rather, that 1 + 1 = more than 2: em>

people together, as they want to be together
When people want to be together, no your faults he does not interfere. When a person wants to leave, no your not keep his dignity.

No matter how you was ugly and unattractive, there will be someone who will like you. No matter how you was good and the desire, there is someone who will reject you.

If you are rejected, it does not mean anything. You're not getting any worse or less, nothing terrible actually happens. Your man is in the world, and it will take you.

If you are accepted, once you have parted - not in life, so in death. More expensive than what we have, do not be sorry that you lose, and do not be afraid to lose.

Rejoice, what is man that you shine. Light itself: the more light - the less fear, less fear - the less darkness in the soul.

Liszt, who wants to go back to the tree, can swim against the tide and fly against the wind. But it will increase the tree is an old branch.

The more you love, the more love you give, the more remains. If, by giving love, feel pain or hatred - it means that you gave a man the poison in chocolate icing. It is hardly necessary to demand gratitude for such a gift.

Released. Allow a person to be someone other than the mirror of your love - the more so that it is so. Dissolve in your favorite - a rare talent, and a rare curse. Be yourself, be worthy of, forget about fear - one day he will come back anyway. But not today.

Believe. Trust. Gray. Thank you. I do not think that maybe - just that here and now, in the fire and the water, under the stars.

Get out before the love of the dead will begin to smell carrion. Come before the desire to turn into an obsession.

What is bought for money is only money. That beg, cry, taken away and stolen once taken away handsomely. What is given in good faith, from the heart - is priceless.

How do you know your rights? Just. You're going to meet and bump into him in the middle of the road. He did not know. You did not call. You found. And where would you not move ahead, you are now on the way.

Author: Nick Batha


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