10 life hacking from the past that are still relevant today! They will be useful in any situation ...

These 10 tips inventive not lost its relevance, although it has been over 100 years since, as they come up. In 1880, it became fashionable to be inserted into cigarette packs cards. Maps not only compacted packaging, they please the eye bright picture. There are different series of images, their production continued until 1940. Of particular interest are the cards with useful recommendations for any situation. This is - a real rarity, the wisdom of the past. But to your surprise, there is no limit when you realize that these tips are relevant in our time!

1. How to extinguish a fire
Take 500 g of salt and 250 grams of ammonia. Stir the material in 2 liters of water. Pour this mixture into a glass bottle. During a fire, throw them into the fire of a few of these bottles - the flame will be extinguished immediately.

2. How to get a splinter
Splinter easily pull out, if you have a glass bottle with a wide neck. Fill the bottle with hot water and press firmly to the neck area of ​​the skin with a thorn. Suction will help you easily remove a splinter, even if it is deep in the skin.

3. How to make the preserved eggs
Eggs can be stored for a long time, if you put them in a container with salt. The main condition - the egg should be entirely covered with salt to them did not air.

4. How to cut down trees
To cut down a tree well, you need to make cuts in the trunk right. If you happen to cut a tree, makes an incision, as shown in the picture - one above the other - less.

5. How to escape from a mad dog
If your dog rushes, it will help to guard against any items exhibited between you and him. A stick, a hat on a stick packs - will help you all sorts of things. Before you attack, the dog wants to crack down on unnecessary items.

6. As to water the plants without your involvement
This life hacking is useful to all who love houseplants. Do-watering flowerpots system without your participation: put a container of water just above the pot with the plant. Unite thick woolen thread water and soil flowerpot. Now you can go on vacation and not worry that the plants wither!

7. How to light a match in the wind
To match easily ignited and burned even in a strong wind, do her small indent.

8. How to cross the turbulent river
The ability to cross the river with the help of the usual rope useful to you if you travel with a child who can not swim.

9. How to save a person from shock
Not to get electric shock, stand on a piece of glass or dry wood and only to provide first aid to the victim. Always protect your hands with rubber gloves or several layers of dry cloth.

10. How to make a water filter
For a homemade filter you need zinc container, such as a bucket. Fill a bucket of sand, pebbles and gravel, make a small hole in the bottom. The water will pass through the sand and cleaned.

These tips will conquer its simplicity! Few people think about such important things, until there is an emergency. How old advice to you like the most? I am delighted with the number 7!

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