Drink to good use! Professional advice on when to use water.

Our body consists of more than 70% of the water, so the quality of the beverages that we drink should be at a high level. All metabolic processes in the body take place with the direct participation of water. If you drink pure water with a high mineral content, can cure some diseases. Many people every year go to resorts with curative mineral waters, to improve their health. About the medicinal properties of this source of life known to many. Do you know that if you drink the water at a certain time, you can get much more benefit. This infographic will help you learn about how and when you need to drink water.

But we should remember that people have problems with the excretory system of the water you drink at night, you may experience swelling. Also, if you take an active sport, you need to drink during a training session every 15 minutes, in order to bring the products of metabolism. During the meal should not drink, because it slows digestion.
The main rule states that the use of water: «listen to the needs of your body!» Em> If two cups of water in the morning - it's a lot, drink only one.

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