10 signs that you face domestic violence. Do not let the victim!

Domestic violence - a huge problem in modern society, but we ourselves are partly to blame for the fact that they allow themselves to become victims. Even when we see the danger signals for some reason we can not drop everything and go again and again exposing themselves to violence. But if you do not agree to tolerate it, carefully study the list of warning signs that may indicate that you are in danger!

1. The rapid development of relations, fast breaking boundaries, attempting to tie
He's already after the first date, "head over heels in love" and thinks you're my soul mate. He constantly compares you with his ex-girlfriend and says he has never felt so comfortable and well. Such people may have six months to propose marriage to you, may exert pressure when you're not ready, they do not respect borders, because you made for each other.

2. Lies
He constantly embellishes reality and uses small lie. People who spend a lot of time and effort to maintain their lies, are experiencing great problems with the manifestation of emotions.

3. Jealousy
First, do not you think too much of his jealous behavior, but after a while it starts to encroach on your freedom and limit your contact with other men. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, and it will become larger as the development of relations and can lead to serious consequences. Jealousy becomes dangerous when it becomes an obsession.

4. Difficult childhood
What do you know about his childhood? His parents were ill-treated? The poor childhood in itself should not be a problem, but if he uses his childhood experiences as justification for its negative attitude to life or the right to insult and frustration throughout, it should serve as a wake-up call.

5. Irresponsibility
You should avoid people who are unable to take responsibility for your emotions, behavior, and consequences of the behavior because of their destructive nature. It is likely that they also had a difficult childhood, so they act as a victim and use past grievances to justify their actions or behaviors unsightly.

6. Arrogance
He believes in his infallibility and that it is much better than all those around him. Believe me, his conscience was never tormented. Potential abusers tend to have a hierarchical self-esteem, that is, they must be something better than to feel good. They must show that they are more intelligent, more sensitive, or more talented than others.

7. Single
These are people whose main goal - your complete isolation from the outside world. He does not want to spend time with your friends and family, but at the same time introduces you with your loved ones.

8. Pettiness or hypersensitivity
Abusers tend to have low self-esteem, so they are easy to upset or offend. They make a lot of noise about nothing, pay attention to minor details or comments, suggesting that any difference of opinion is a direct personal attack on them. These people are very intolerant, overly critical of others and not being able to forgive.

9. Contempt
He's always joking or thinks he was joking, but his jokes are always tinged with sarcasm or condescension. Sometimes his jokes but not the place, but seem to be innocent; at other times they were hostile and aimed directly at the target. When he was not making fun of others, his remarks are condescending or rude character.

10. Aggression
Be vigilant, because aggressive people never finish your first date a black eye, this behavior is deployed for a long time. It is clear that acts of aggression toward animals or children or verbal attacks should be seen as signals of violent behavior.

Trust your inner voice and be careful. If you notice something wrong, better to just go away and do not let him make you a victim!

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