5 elementary stretching exercises: development of an effective system for flexibility.

The older you get, the more muscles and ligaments lose their elasticity. In our time, the human body is not functioning at full capacity due to a variety of human inventions that make life easier. Therefore it is very important in sports. Coaching your own body, you can permanently preserve their youth and health. However, training should not forget about stretching. Doing stretching and developing flexibility - it is very useful for all people. Stretching gives the body a lot of benefits. Pay attention to these 5 basic exercises that help develop flexibility.

Do not forget that you need to perform stretching properly. Only then the result will be positive. Before that definitely need a good warm up for at least 30 minutes. In each posture must be delayed at least 30 seconds. And in any case can not bounce.

Exercise number 1

Exercise number 2

Exercise number 3

Exercise number 4

Exercise number 5

These elementary stretching exercises will help you to make the body more flexible. Take care of yourself, and your body will thank you.

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