She pulls her hair for 20 straws each night and wake up dazzling ... beautiful!

Curls decorate any girl with long hair. About volume chic and elegant styling dream of all, especially in the mornings when you need to hurry up and do not have time to do that same installation. Well, there are tricks that will help achieve the perfect hairstyle in the morning, without spending a single extra minute on preening before a mirror. With most conventional straw for cocktails, you can create astounding hairstyle! This trick will gain you more than once, the memory instructions.

You will need:

  • 20 straws;
  • water;
  • hair clips;
  • hairspray. 1. The same hairstyle every day scared tired ...

    2. Divide hair into a neat strand, soak them with water.

    3. Wind the hair on the straws, securing their hairpins.

    4. Straws are very convenient to use - they bend as you like.

    5. sprinkle hair lacquer. Better to choose a nail polish is not very strong hold if no varnish can be used for hair mousse. Only mousse is necessary to put before the wind the hair on the tube.

    6. Is it comfortable to sleep with your head, dotted with plastic tubes? It is much more convenient than the same soft curlers. In the morning the straw is very easy to take off for a couple of minutes your hair will be ready!

    7. That's what smart hair! These curls fit all girls with long hair or medium length hair. Incredible volume and romantic image guaranteed!

    Through this life hacking can look beauty in the morning, without spending any extra effort. Beautiful appearance will give you confidence for the day, you'll feel comfortable and catch admiring glances. And for women it is so important! Ordinary straws are capable of real magic ...

    Your girlfriend is very be happy to learn about this technique! Share the article did not hesitate.

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