15 interesting facts about the human body. It is a pity that we have not talked about this in school!

Our body - a very interesting object for research that will not soon be fully understood. Every day scientists make new discoveries and encounter interesting processes in the body. With the development of technology to explore the internal processes become much easier. Today, science gives us a lot of amazing facts. In some of them hard to believe. We offer you to get acquainted with the most interesting.

1. Throughout the life size human eye does not change, but the nose and ears never stop growing.

2. The muscles responsible for focusing the eye, making about 100 000 movements a day.

3. Brain cells can store five times more information than the Encyclopedia Britannica.

4. The amounts of saliva, which generates a man in his life, would be enough to fill two swimming pools.

5. You can not sneeze without blinking. During sneeze air is moving at a speed of about 165 kilometers per hour.

6. The thermal energy produced by our body for a day, enough to boil 30 liters of cold water.

7. In the navel are thousands of bacteria that form the ecosystem of the size of a rain forest.

8. A small child has 60 bones more than an adult.

9. A person can store up to 50,000 different smells.

10. Our eyes are very sensitive. If our planet was flat, we would have seen a burning candle at a distance of 50 kilometers.

11. Our bodies glow in the dark. Light, which emits a man in 1000 times weaker than that eye can discern.

12. When a person is in love, the brain produces the same neurotransmitters and hormones as in the use of amphetamine.

13. The body every second produces twenty-five million new cells. The number of cells, which is produced every thirteen seconds, more than the US population.

14. Our brain can read up to a thousand words per minute.

15. Throughout the life of a person "dumps" about 40 kilograms of skin.

We hope that this information is interesting to you. It is a pity that children in schools do not talk about it.

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