For true lovers of barbecue: 5 best marinade recipes. The meat melts in your mouth!

May - the month when people are beginning to get out of their houses after the "hibernation" closer to nature. Almost all roast kebabs while outdoors. For those who like to experiment in the kitchen, it is to learn a few new marinades for barbecue. Properly selected marinade will help unlock the full flavor of the meat. We offer you 5 of the best recipes that will make you a pro at cooking this dish.
1. Marinade "Greetings from the Balkans!" 2 kg of meat
Cooking time: 3 hours.


3 sweet red peppers; 120-150 g coriander; 650 g of natural yoghurt; the juice of half a lemon; li > salt to taste. How to prepare:
Fry the peppers are well on the grill. Then cleanse them from seeds and we shall cut strips. Mix yogurt with lemon juice, salt, pepper and chopped cilantro. Mix well.


2. Mediterranean marinade at 2-2, 5 kg of meat
Cooking time: 3 hours.


450 ml olive oil; 650 ml of vegetable oil; the juice of half a lemon; a small bunch of thyme; < 3 sprigs of rosemary; 2 sprigs of sage; 1 head of garlic; black pepper to taste. How to prepare:
Mix the two types of butter and add to it lemon juice, pepper and coarsely chopped fresh herbs. Crush the garlic with the flat side of a knife and add to the marinade. Mix thoroughly.


3. A delicious marinade with orange 2-3 kg of meat
Cooking time: 4 hrs. < Ingredients:

1 orange; 2 tbsp. l. garlic; 2 hours. l. dried basil; 1 h. liter. ground cardamom; 650 fat sour cream; 250 g mayonnaise; salt and pepper (to taste). How to prepare:
Rub on a small grater orange zest, squeeze the juice from it and mix it all with garlic, basil and cardamom. Add salt and pepper to taste, as well as sour cream and mayonnaise. Mix thoroughly.


4. The wine marinade for 2 kg of meat
Cooking time: 4 hrs.


200 g onions; 150 ml of water without gas; 250 ml dry white wine; 4 stalks lemongrass < / 2 hours. l. peppercorns; salt (to taste). How to prepare:
Peel and coarsely we shall cut onions. To this was added water, wine, salt and chopped lemongrass. If you can not find it on sale, replacing the lemon peel in equal proportions. Explain white pepper in a mortar and add it to the marinade. Mix up.


5. Florence marinade for 2-3 kg of meat
Cooking time: 2, 5:00. < Ingredients:

2-3 lemon; 1 head of garlic; a small bunch of rosemary; 250 ml olive oil; < 750 ml of vegetable oil; Coarsely ground black pepper to taste. How to prepare:
We will cut the lemons, mix with garlic and rosemary leaves, which must first be coarsely chopped. Pour a mixture of oil, add black pepper to taste. Mix well.


We hope that these tips for cooking you will fall to your liking. Share with your friends the original recipes of pickles!

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