Top 15 dramatic films that are impossible to watch without tears.

Today, editors of our site prepared for you a very special selection of films. They are completely different: one of love, the other of man's relation to animals, and some of their parents. But these films are united by one thing - they are impossible to watch without tears. These 15 films are able to affect our subtle notes of soul. They can only watch in the company of handkerchiefs.

The Green Mile

tragedy of John Coffey - a man who died for what he was doing good to people, can not move to the core. Scary is not only that the innocent person had been executed, terrible fact that Coffey could not find a place in the world, was rejected by all, and was lonely.

Meet Joe Black

Sad movie that the end is inevitable. Nobody knows how, when and in what guise him death comes. What to say, how to behave? And most importantly, will you be ready to meet with her? The hero of Anthony Hopkins, the multimillionaire William Parrish, was not ready, so he offered a deal ...

White Bim Black Ear

Very sad story, but at the same time very sincere and truthful. A story that combines the fate of a dog so many lives. And bares soul. His attitude to the animal people show themselves as they are. What is striking is how people can be evil, cruel, greedy.

1 a + 1 / Untouchables

The film tells us about two very different personas, they belong to different sectors of society, and everyone lives their life difficult. Philip measured boring life, he is not waiting for nothing and no one, except the following "nurse." Dries is trying to find a job, but everywhere it is waiting for a failure, it is the last to sign a piece of paper, to receive unemployment benefits. The question is how these two can meet and change each other's lives?

Bicentennial Man

Getting a new global era of technology. "Plant" robots in the house - has become commonplace. Bought as a device and programmed to perform domestic work, Andrew suddenly starts experiencing uncharacteristic sensation. He does not know what it is called the "feel". With this begins the path to the knowledge of the robot Andrew essence of human nature ...

If only

"If only" - a manual on how we must love. Heading into their care, do not forget that you love and you are loved. You know what you road to each other, but we need to be able to love, and not just feel. This teaches melodrama with stunningly played by actor.

Pay It Forward

"You certainly have to make good the three people who, in turn, are required to continue the process" - about sounds so the main idea of ​​the painting "Pay It Forward". Wonderful movie, which shows that good works are not so difficult.

Artificial Intelligence

This painting tells the story of an android boy endowed with senses. He knows how to love, and all he wants is just that, and he was loved. Realizing this idea, he met a lot of different things and visit various locations. His journey home will be a continuous adventure, though not always pleasant, but very interesting.


For some reason it has never tried to find in this movie is something supernatural, the film is simple and unusual at the same time. Everything here is about my mother. Even he pronounces the word as something very gently and tenderly. This film is also notable for the fact that it is the last major role outstanding actress Nonna Mordyukova.

My Guardian Angel

The strange thing in the arsenal of the US attorney: 11-year-old girl sues her parents when she finds out that she was conceived in a test tube with only one purpose - to be the salvation for his cancer patient sister.

Sweet November

The film - a perfect example of what the meaning of life - is not clothes, not high-paying job, and certainly not money. But people are aware of it only when death is knocking at their doors. And then one understands the true essence of life.

A Walk to Remember

Guy forced to serve his sentence for some offense, and asks for help from a gray mouse, a girl, on which he used constantly mocked. But he gradually more and more it learns, he discovers her rich inner world, the beauty of the soul, and he is in love with her.


Successful young lawyer Andrew is fired without cause, although it is obvious to all, including the hero. Simply and successful young lawyer, besides HIV patients. Andrew decides to fight for their rights until the end, but no one wants to represent him in court. And then he pushes his case with a colleague, Joe, who is ready to join the fight on the side of Andrew ...

Hachi: A Dog's Tale

The film is based on real history. A touching, beautiful, but at the same time very sad picture of a dog, which was devoted to his master and his true love, more than life ...

Dancer in the Dark

Selma - blessed freak who loves musicals. She came from Czechoslovakia and works in a factory, collecting money for the operation to his son. Selma also have a serious illness, causing it to quickly lose sight and going blind. This is no one knows, but she will not tell anyone, and - why? But it runs the risk not only themselves, pretending to be a woman with poor eyesight ...

Such films need only look in the right mood. Save yourself the compilation and revision of all of them. You will not regret! And our top show your friends!

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