6 interesting experience for children. Simple but very entertaining fun!

Spending time with the child should be mentally! Doing so, it will be interesting to you two - the best option. Children always feel when the adults with them insincere, so invent activities that will delight everyone! Unusual experiences seem magical, not only the baby, but also desperate adult who dare them to do. For miracles need quite a bit of ingredients and a good mood. Turn to bold experiments with the child, and it will take you a real magician!

Experience 1

You will need:

1 bag with zipper; blue dye; the water. 1. Add a few drops of the dye.

2. On the bag can be felt-tip pen to draw clouds and waves. Pour water inside.

3. Seal the bag with tape and hang on the window. The model of the water cycle is ready!

In direct sunlight the water is converted into steam, and then - to rain in the small sea. If you take a bag bigger and prettier paint it, you get a truly magical entertainment.

Experience 2

You will need:

water; oblong transparent bank; dishwashing liquid; blue food coloring; sequins . 1. Pour into water jar as to fill approximately 3/4 of the space. Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid, a dye and sequins. Replace the cap and shake the liquid bank unwinding spiral. Centrifugal force will create a storm in the bank!

Experience 3

You will need:

5 small glasses; 1 cup of hot water; tablespoon; syringe; Skittles: 2 red candies, 4 orange, yellow 6, 8 and 10 green violet. 1. Pour in one cup of 2 tablespoons. l. water. Counted the specified number of candy, let them dissolve in hot water. If candy is not the solution to the end, you can put them in the microwave for 30 seconds. Let the liquid cool.

2. Using a pipette or syringe iridescent multicolored syrup in a jar layers, starting with the most dense - purple. Do this carefully so that the colors are not mixed, it is best to allow the syrup to flow gently over the surface of the banks down. Get a real rainbow!

The secret of this experience is simple - the denser the syrup, so it is harder. The kid will be delighted with this entertaining physics!

Experience 4

You will need:

lemon; cotton swab; bottle; beads, sequins. 1. Squeeze lemon juice into a glass. Using a cotton swab, write a secret message on paper with lemon juice. Put a message in a bottle, show imagination and decorate it brightly.

2. To show the writing on the paper, you need only to hold the sheet over the fire for a while. As an option - you can iron the iron and hold it in a hot oven for a few minutes. An important point: the text of the message needs to be very important for the baby! Then he really appreciate the experiment ...

The essence of the miracle lies in the ability of lemon juice to oxidize. Orange juice, milk, vinegar, wine, honey and onion juice have similar properties and can successfully participate in the experience!

Experience 5

You will need:

a little jelly worms; baking soda; vinegar; cutting board; Knife two glasses. 1. Moisten the knife with water, not much to marmalade stuck and cut each into 4 pieces worm. The warm water dissolve 3 tbsp. baking soda.

2. Put the worms in a soda solution for 15 minutes. Get now and move them into vinegar. Done! Mad dance marmeladok will delight children. Acetic acid and soda are reacted, in which carbon dioxide is released. Thanks to him, and there is an active movement - bubbles pulled upward sweets.

Experience 6

You will need:

egg; Scotch; stockings; a pan of water. 1. Egg tightly wound tape.

2. Place the egg inside the stocking, tie on both sides and carefully unwind. Ready for cooking eggs can be checked with the help of a flashlight if it was not X-rayed, it's time to cook. This should be done in the adhesive tape!

3. Get an unusual egg here, if you do the right thing.

These experiments will not leave your child indifferent! Instill curiosity necessary to a child, because the more questions arise in a child, the more is its development. Engage in interesting and useful things together, and your relationship will become more trusting.

Speak to your friends about these incomparable ways to captivate a child for a long time!

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