18 good habits that will help get rid of excess weight and strengthen the body.

Perhaps you have often heard the phrase: "We - that's what we eat?" Of course, it is impossible to stay healthy, daily consuming junk food like hamburgers, French fries, or semi-finished products, but in order to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind, you need quite a bit. For example, to develop good habits. What kind? Who know!

1. Prepare oatmeal with milk

This is probably one of the best breakfast options. Many people mistakenly believe that the porridge which is prepared on the water, healthier and has fewer calories. But do not forget that the cow's milk - is a valuable source of vitamins, trace elements and, of course, protein. Porridge, boiled in milk, contains about 5-8 grams of protein. This means that hunger will come to you long after you and overeating are not threatened.

2. Included in the diet of spicy food

If you want to lose weight for health reasons, and you have no contraindications, spicy foods should be part of your daily diet. So, chili and cayenne pepper can help speed up your metabolism, burn fat faster and suppress appetite.

3. Eat baked potato

Baked in the oven or over a fire potatoes - delicious moment. However, few people know that this dish is not only delicious, but also useful. In it saved a large amount of potassium, which, when cooking or frying is completely destroyed. Potassium is useful in that displays the body of excess fluid, relieve swelling, regulates the heart, improves the activity of the brain, supplying it with oxygen.

4. Vary the pasta al dente

Do not be afraid, this is not the sort of pasta and the brand name. This concept indicate readiness courses, in which, being fully prepared, it retains elasticity. Pasta cooked in this manner, have a low glycemic index, which means that the carbohydrates in them are digested more slowly, and you maintain a sense of satiety and energize a long time.

5. Is added to the coffee cocoa

This method is not only delicious, but also useful. Cocoa powder contains a large amount of natural antioxidants (flavonoids), which increase blood flow to the skin, making it more elastic, velvety and rested.

6. Eating more seeds

If you want as long as possible to remain in good shape, it is advisable to include in the diet as much as possible the raw seeds. Ideally, if you add them to yogurt or smoothies home production. The seeds contain large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, which regulate the cardiovascular system, improve the blood, strengthen the immune system. Diversify your diet, chia seeds, flax, pumpkin, or any other.

7. Do sesame seeds are part of your diet

Sesame seeds are unique in that they are ideally suited to any dish. And they are extremely useful: they contain 7 times more calcium than in the usual cottage cheese. If you want to give the dish flavor - fry the sesame seeds on a dry frying pan for a few minutes and enjoy the exquisite taste.

8. Pay attention to the pepper

The bell peppers contain a large amount of nutrients and vitamins (especially vitamin C), which are responsible for the body's production of collagen, maintaining the elasticity of the skin and a strong immune system. It is noteworthy that the maximum concentration of vitamins in the Bulgarian pepper is just at the stem, to the extent that we are often so mercilessly cut off.

9. Drink at night yogurt

Kefir - perfect for dinner. It improves the digestive system does not load the stomach, accelerates the body's metabolic processes. Kefir can also drink, and in the morning, such as fruit or muesli.

10. Vari grits with green tea

If you have not tried cooking cereals on green tea, it's time. Put the bag in boiling water with green tea, and lay cereal or brew tea separately, pouring it into the boiling water in a ratio of 1: 1. This will ensure that your body shock dose of antioxidants that prolong youth and beauty. Our choice - cooked on green tea rice and barley.

11. Experiment with cooking tomatoes

Tomatoes - very tasty and useful vegetable that does not lose its unique properties even at high temperatures. Lycopene, which is found in large quantities in tomatoes reduces the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system and prevent vision problems. Conclusion? Feel the carcass and roast tomatoes in different variations!

12. Prepare an omelet whole egg

It is proved that an omelette can and must be prepared from whole eggs. Forget all the stories that the yolk should be forever excluded from their diet. In fact, in the yolk contains a huge amount of nutrients that cleanse and regenerate the liver, strengthen the nervous system, nourish the brain tissue, improve memory.

13. Replace crackers on chickpeas

If you love to cook salads with croutons, try to replace them with chickpeas. In order for it to be crispy, Slay liquid from the tin, cloth pat chickpeas and fry it in olive oil with salt and pepper. Once laid out on a baking sheet and send in a preheated 200 degree oven for 30-40 minutes. Enjoy excellent taste and nutrients.

14. On a side dish to meat choose spinach

Spinach is an excellent complement to red meat and high in vitamins A and C helps the body absorb iron more quickly, improves the immune system and helps fight fatigue.

15. Adds a Brazil nut muesli

Just two Brazil nuts contain a daily rate of selenium. This element strengthens the body, reduces the likelihood of developing cancer, restores sight, protects the body from premature aging. Simply add chopped Brazil nuts in a portion of muesli and be healthy.

16. Use as a filling yogurt with additives

Replace mayonnaise and sauces are all kinds of shops natural yogurt. If desired, add herbs or spices, and you forget all about excess weight!

17. Do not dispose of lemon peel

Lemon peel contains 3 times more vitamin C than the flesh. Impressive, is not it? Its membership also includes bioflavonoids that prevent the development of allergic reactions and strengthen the immune system. Add zest can be everywhere: in salads, meat, side dishes, pastries and tea. Enjoy a pleasant aroma and strengthen health.

18. Added to salads avocado

According to its rich composition of avocado it is more like a vegetable. It has a lot of fat and micronutrients, which are very useful for all organs and systems. The pleasant taste of this fruit is perfectly combined with other products and may even become a worthy replacement for the usual olive oil.

It turns out that to maintain health for many years not only simple, but delicious. Change your eating habits and do not forget to share these tips with your friends. It is not necessary to exhaust yourself diets and gyms. Begin to protect health now!

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