10 snacks that are safe for the figure. For all those who want to eat as much as losing weight!

How am I tired of these diet! By the summer everybody wants to catch, look younger, fresher and more energetic ... And there is nothing wrong! But at what price people achieve this - the mind boggles. Starve yourself become the norm. Hungry people - evil people, so even losing weight, it starts to look better, because anger does not paint anyone. To satisfy your hunger and not feel spineless offender diet, use these 10 ways to quickly satisfy hunger without harm to its shape. Whatever it is to eat or drink to lose weight?

1. Water
The more water you drink, the better. Water relieves acute attacks of hunger - often people just want to drink, so hungry, so made our bodies. Center of thirst in the brain is activated even at extreme dehydration. Do you want to have - have a drink some water, and only then proceed to any other snack about 15 minutes after a glass of water.

2. Tea or coffee
After drinking tea or coffee too often hunger disappears without a trace. Is added to the tea and coffee spices, this will increase the feeling of fullness after drinking hot drinks.

3. Cheese
This is the best protein product that can be imagined, because the cheese is rich in calcium! Such food for a long time to digest, so eliminates the feeling of hunger for a long period of time. To cottage was delicious, you can mix it with yogurt.

4. Yogurt
A minimum of calories, protein, useful for the stomach and intestine bacteria - it's all there in yogurt. Snack on them at least 5 times a day, did not correct!

5. Green
Spinach, dill, parsley, celery, asparagus, green onions. Greens with cucumbers and tomatoes - a classic salad that easily satisfies even the ravenous hunger and nourishes the body with vitamins. The greens are very useful for cardiovascular system, and also helps cleanse the body of toxins.

6. Eggs
Eggs are very easy to prepare. This egg white is very valuable for the body, this is an excellent building material for muscles. Egg protein promotes weight loss. Soft-boiled eggs or scrambled eggs with a minimum of fat - a great choice.

7. Red fish
Fillet of red fish with lemon juice - a divinely delicious snack, which set the weight does not threaten you. Fish can eat his heart's content and still look great! In addition, the use of oily fish is incredibly good for the skin, hair and nails, and more - to improve the functioning of the brain.

8. Chicken
Chicken - a cheap source of protein, also low-calorie chicken. The favorite food of athletes, you will gain in chicken hungry panic and help get rid of excess weight. It is necessary to choose a domestic hen, because a shop birds usually poor.

9. Smoothies
Smoothies of fruit or vegetables - Vitamins and easy drink, everything else is extremely delicious. Smoothie recipes are many, and choose a good combination of products can be individually. Hearty drink, a smoothie than not found!

10. Fruit
Citrus fruits, kiwi, apples, pears, berries ... That's why I so like summer! Snacks are available fresh fruit, because it quickly lose weight with the onset of warm days.

Plus all of these snacks is also in the fact that they are easy to prepare. Do not spend too much time on cooking! When every minute counts, healthy food still remains relevant. Arrange currently a useful low-calorie snack and show your friends that have recommended to all who want to lose weight. Slim, without starving!

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