Air curd dessert "Old Town." Preparing a snap!

Sweets like almost everything from small to large. Delicious homemade desserts for many of us, probably nothing in the world. Therefore, the hostess at the weekend try to pamper your loved ones with something unusual and tasty. We suggest you pay attention to the air dessert "Old Town", which is incredibly easy to do. Not all residents of Riga have heard about it, but some have long prepared it with pleasure. Dessert turns out very tender. It is definitely worth learning how to cook.


400 g of cottage cheese; 200 g sour cream; Bank pineapples; 0, 5 liters of pineapple juice; < 25 g of gelatin; 1/2 cans of condensed milk; vanilla (to taste); raisins (to taste). < /

How to prepare:
Dissolve gelatin in pineapple juice and leave for about an hour.

At this time, using a blender vzbey cheese with vanilla, condensed milk and sour cream.

Swollen juice gelatin put in a water bath, wait until it dissolves.

Unite creamed cottage cheese with pineapple, diced, and gelatin in pineapple juice. Add the raisins, previously soaked in boiling water.

Pour cheesecake dessert in any capacity or in a few and put in the fridge for a while. Done, you can treat your family.

Share this recipe with your friends, let them try to cook too!

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