Arrange the country a paradise for children! These 15 ideas will make the holidays a very special ...

Not all children like to spend their holidays in the country or at the grandmother in the village. Cycling, river, fresh berries and fruits - all this, of course, wonderful. But very often children do not know what to do. Especially sharply this question concerns the garden. Non-working TV, no friends, neighbors, no entertainment ... Tosca. Baby heart wants to have fun! Arrange for child entertainment area quite simple, you need only ask such a purpose. Let these 15 tips will help you turn your villa in an oasis of happiness for the child, no matter his age 7 or 10. Even adult uncles and aunts will like this ...

1. Board for drawing with crayons. It looks like Tom Sawyer dreamed about such a child ...

2. Cableway. This skating fascinates children for a long time.

3. Wigwam. Little Indian will be happy hut made of cloth or polyethylene. This tent can be done instantly and joy kid long enough. I would also climbs out of the cozy cabins in the summer heat!

4. Chair swing. The child will not get out of it. Moreover, such a place for skiing looks very stylish.

5. Suspended bus. Bright memories after the summer holiday will certainly!

6. Simulating the beach. Little beachgoers arranged in such a place for a long time.

7. Xylophone. This piece can be easily done from an ordinary fence. That's what I want to tell you after the summer break to other children!

8. Flowers in boots. Of the ordinary boots will go great beds! like a child to care for plants, so intricately decorated.

9. Base on the tree. At this point, you can often observe their child. Kids love to hang out in such places for a long time, as if with binoculars ...

10. Area climber. to make such training foothold might not even very skilled dad.

11. Twister in the grass. Play your favorite game right on the grass - delicious.

12. Homemade Angry Birds. No tablet, everything is real!

13. Hammock. will appeal not only chubby little boy, but also bring a lot of pleasant moments parents.

14. Cinema in nature. This is my dream! Seriously ... See filmstrips whole family. Elegant pastime retrostile.

15. Toy boxes on the street. Do not get lost, do not get wet in the rain and not be scattered. It's time to inspire dad carpenter feat!

Now you can go to the country without depressing thoughts about what is there to entertain your pet. Toddler be led by any of the fun and be happy. Much happier than sitting at home watching television or a computer ... Show this article to all friends parents! Summer time, seasonal children's entertainment.

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