Distract the child from the monitor: 20 cool ideas for hanging. No. 7 is just super!

Children can make us happy, to disappoint, to excite, to entertain... In any case they are our inspiration for life. To raise a child with a man with a capital letter, it is necessary not only to give him up for all kinds of clubs, but also to allocate time for joint Hobbies. The only way you can learn what attracts your interest bloodless, and that worried now and a lot of other useful information.

In addition, the current time of technologies and the Internet takes away from the child a lot of time on things that don't develop: social networking, endless cartoons and games. The editors of "Site" has prepared for you 20 ideas for entertaining and hanging out with the kid, which he definitely will appeal.

How to spend time with the child
  1. Write the letter to someone from friends or relatives. He draws or describes a special moment in life. Just don't forget to send the answer.
  2. To stick together the dough and place them in the oven. Then razreshite them. Take home a special place that will serve as an exhibition hall for works of young talents.

  3. In the morning Wake your child, take a couple of Goodies and set out to meet the sunrise in a beautiful place.
  4. Collect together complex puzzles. Just choose the picture or characters that will appeal to your child.
  5. Cast of relatives and friends on the phone. Just watch that the child did it for fun and not with malice.

  6. Compose a fascinating history. Let one sentence says the child and another you so until you get an interesting story.
  7. Put together the tree or flowers. And let it be a plant that belongs only to him, and let him care for him.

  8. Create the message time. Let the kid hide in the bottle, a newspaper clipping, a photo or a flash drive with photos, some desire. And it can be opened, for example, in a year.
  9. Take a map of his neighborhood and come up with interesting quest. Then go with your child on an adventure.

  10. Arrange joint repair some of the damage. This is especially true for those who have a son.
  11. Let the child himself or with your help, will write a letter to yourself in 10 years. Just imagine what fond memories he'll have when he reads it after this time!

  12. Prepare together something delicious or have a dumplings party.
  13. Arrange a contest. Decide with the child what picture you will draw or rubbings. Then let the result will appreciate the other parent or grandparents. The winner (the child) will get prizes.

  14. Gather in a neighboring town. Give the child a tour.
  15. Plug and sing karaoke. It's exciting and relaxing.
  16. Explore the starry sky. Even if you yourself are not an expert in astronomy, there are numerous mobile apps that will help in this case. Just point your smartphone at the night sky, and the program will tell you what kind of constellation.

  17. Arrange a scientific experiment. On the Internet full of interesting videos on how to do it.
  18. Make a family tree of the family. Together cut out pictures and glue them. Also, tell the child the origin of your last name.

  19. In good weather take along for the ride. And bad play with a child in a few Board games.
  20. If you're so busy with the Affairs of people that are working even at home, try to turn their activities in an entertaining game. Put the baby next to you, and let him play the role of your assistant or companion. Then you and hanging out and things.

Here in such simple things it is possible to gain joy by giving yourself and your child a good mood and pleasant memories. At an early age, very active good for development, because in this period of life it is better to observe the environment, rather than learn about it from the Internet.

Give children a happy childhood, and don't forget to share with your friends!

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