Summer Makeup Secrets: How to "save face" in the hot summer.

Surely you know that the basis for any makeup effect is the creation of perfectly smooth skin. However, in the summer to achieve this the hardest. I do not have time to go out, as the person shines and shines, or even worse - there are very affecting the appearance of the divorce foundation. Although, perhaps, the worst - when your makeup, blend so hard in the morning, begins to "flow", and you do not notice! Imagine: you fly, all so fashionable, elegant, straightened his shoulders, chest out ... and the people at the sight of you, moving their children to the other side of the street. In chëm the matter? At this point, you are already beginning to suspect something, I stop at the nearest shop windows, looks around themselves from head to toe ... Phew! You really irresistible! After all, I read our article about the secrets of summer makeup.

1. In order to protect your skin in the summer, be sure to use sunscreen. If the skin is overdried, drained or burned sunlight - no makeup it will not hide.

2. Even if you have very problematic skin, do not apply a thick layer of tone means. Give preference to moisturizing creams. Also, you should avoid crumbly and nutritional tonal resources, since they only score increase the number of pores and blemishes.

3. Choose the tonal resources with a slight bronze tint, they correspond to the season and well conceal redness and uneven skin problem.

4. If you for some reason you can not give up the shadows, opt for shades of sand (from beige to light brown). Ideally - to leave the shade for evening makeup.

5. Mascara - a different story. Apply it in two layers, to emphasize the lightness and fluffiness of cilia. We should not forget that the summer people sweat more, and this is not the best way affects the stability of cosmetics. We recommend to pay attention to waterproof mascara.

6. Pencil summer should be applied very thin lines. Desirably, it was a dark brown or gray color. Black arrows are best avoided.

7. If you - a lover blush, then you should remember that the brightness is not quite appropriate for summer. Give preference to blush peach and pale pink shades, it will give a person the freshness.

8. Lipstick leave for the evening makeup. During the day she looked very hard on the face and also dry out the lips. Replace it shine better colorless.

9. Do not forget to use a moisturizer. That summer the skin most prone to dehydration, overheating and drying. Apply a small amount of cream before going to bed after makeup has been removed from the face, or before applying foundation.

10. Remember: always, wherever you were, and in whatever state or back home, wash off makeup before going to bed! The skin in the summer and so very difficult to breathe, often clogged pores, the body sweats longer. Not enough has added the face of stress, leaving the makeup at night.

Summer - the perfect time for the holidays. And the rest should be not only the body and soul, but also the skin. You wonder why parents hastily transferred to the other side of the street of their children? So after school across the road ... Share this article with your friends, and you will pass the summer perfectly!

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