Secrets of the charm: 5 rules you need to know to succeed.

Many people mistakenly believe that the ability to evoke sympathy and the location of other people is given to man by birth. Not truthfully, we can recognize that often wonder about this woman: looking at an imaginary or real rival, the fair sex do not understand how you can be so ugly and at the same time just to attract men. It turns out that charisma is not always an innate quality. If desired, and using special techniques it is possible not only to develop, but also to strengthen.

5 tricks that help to establish interpersonal contact

1. Game eyebrows

In order to best make contact with someone, have some work to do. At least ambush and watch the others. You should pay attention to such factors as the game eyebrows. If you see that a man raises his eyebrows (the gesture lasts for about one-sixth of a second), know - it is the first and most important signal that indicates a friendly mood of the interlocutor. By the way, men can use another gesture - throw up a little bit forward and chin up. This technique can be used, and you are giving the other person to understand what is set in relation to it positively. Great start strong friendship, is not it?

2. Tilt the head

At the level of instincts, people hide the neck, not only when it's cold, but when they feel danger. If a person greets another nod to the right or to the left, he substitutes pass one of the carotid arteries, the gap which can lead to death. People feel threatened unconsciously hide the carotid arteries, pulling his shoulders. Accordingly, if the other person is not a threat - we are keeping an open neck.

3. A sincere smile

It's no secret that the man who smiles, it seems much more attractive, handsome, he seemed to radiate confidence and goodwill, it seems not so arrogant. Admit it, the people who you like and want to smile, but those are not nice to you, cause only a strangled half-smile. If you want to please someone, smile sincerely!

4. Removing barriers

If people are uncomfortable communicating, they erect barriers, either alone or in no hurry to remove the existing ones. Attempts to close the trunk or chest, for example, arms crossed, eloquent evidence of hostility. If you're sitting with a man at the dinner table, such a barrier is very often signal different things that your interlocutor is in no hurry to clean: water pitcher, Bread, Teapot. People who, on the contrary, seek to create a more intimate setting, subconsciously pull together and remove the imaginary distance or barriers.

5. Remembering names

If you want to make a good impression on the person, try to remember his name at the first meeting. Of course, this may require a huge effort, but to make it easier, take advantage of a simple technique: when we first met a person repeats his name as often as possible. For example: "Hello, Denis, I'm Olga." Or constantly refer to it during the call. And repeat the name of the person at parting. The more often you'll appeal to people by name, the more likely that they will treat you well.

As you can see, to make a good impression on the people, to establish contact and to pass a charming man is not so difficult. It is enough to observe a few simple rules and observe the reaction. Share these tips with your friends. They certainly also be interesting to see myself from the outside, or use several methods!

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