It is not necessary to learn to do PSAs

I have in my life, and many do, often deal with social advertising. With disgusting, worthless and krivonogorukoy social advertising. Question: Why in our country with this so bad? One of the main reasons why personally I think is a vaccination for some reason worst soviet style drawing anything was in school. Of course, the students useful to draw, and no matter what, and how. But in terms of aesthetics, not all yogurts are created equal. Therefore, I would place the headmaster thought, and brings you a teacher of Fine Arts students in sense of taste, or simply learn to express their thoughts, even noble, through drawings?

13th place: "Sport - is the health»

Absolutely. But why do such unhealthy tone? Instead of the right foot at the weightlifter - prosthesis, like John Silver, and the very post he threw for himself. Near the dumbbell drop of uncertain origin, and jump rope, apparently, is the point of creating a sports atmosphere. Well, about the fact that the person is not and he for some reason we keep silent in the cap.

12th place: "Science engine of progress»

Despite the fact that science is - the engine of progress, train (?) Without any of the wheels for some reason it goes down. Although driven by science and progress, but the word "science" looks nailed of wooden planks. Again stains of unknown origin similar to the drop of blood - progress apparently just does not pass.

11th place: "protect the native nature»

It is unclear how drop should be associated with the protection of nature. And in general, from whom it should protect? Most valued, if not the state's message is addressed, and to us - mere mortals. And if you look inside the drop flowers have some white thing, strangely reminiscent of the sperm. And again - a drop ...

10th place: "Protected monuments»

The same plate. Monuments on the poster has nothing to save and back to the left, apparently, a monument to Felix from Lubyanka. In general, this style with drops of paint, I think, fit only for Dembelskaya albums.

9th place: "We are against terrorism»


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