Cruel mother threw the child to the landfill. Just look at what made this dog!

2-year-old dog named Pui of Thailand for their entire lives never stray too far from home. But one unfortunate evening Puy left to walk farther than usual and did not notice that appeared on the city landfill. Note the four-legged drew strange-looking white package of medium-sized, in which something was lying. The dog began to sniff the package. Dog waiting for a stunning discovery ...

But smart Puy was not taken aback, took the bag with contents in his mouth and ran straight home. Tailed began barking at the porch of the house, causing a mistress. His owner finally came out on the porch and took a package that favorite of almost poked his snout in her hands. When the woman saw that is in the package, it has taken away the power of speech. There was a newborn baby. He could hardly breathe, but fortunately was still alive. It was impossible to lose a minute ...

What kind of monster could commit such a brutal act ?! Hostess Pully immediately called an ambulance and went to the intensive care unit the crumbs. The child was in critical condition. It was a matter of life and death ... the baby was premature. He was born about 2 months ahead of schedule. If no ISPs and qualified medical personnel, have baby would not be alive.

But a miracle happened! The kid is now in the integrity and safety, and the brave dog Pully even awarded the title of hero and awarded a medal.

Do not tell me that the dog - not the most intelligent It is in the world. Striking contrast between the cruelty of man and animal kindness! Share this tearjerker with your buddies. This four-legged hero must know all!


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