These pearls can be born only in correspondence of children and parents. 15 hilarious SMS messages.

As well, when you have an active and modern parents who have successfully mastered the new-fangled gadgets. Correspondence SMS-kami with these moms and dads deliver untold pleasure. Of course, the difference in generations is felt, but it only adds a certain charm dialogues.

The editors decided to make a collection of funny SMS correspondences of children from their parents. After all, each of us has found himself in a similar situation, and reading these lines would be a reason to smile, remembering the past. Or try on those situations that you passed the side. In any case, a healthy portion of the positive you provided!

It's great if parents and children are the real friends of each other. After all, if their communication flows easily and naturally, and only brings all the joy. I hope that you were amused by these cute SMS messages. If so, be sure to share them with their friends, even if they, too, will smile when they read.

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