Mom allows her daughter dorisovyvat his paintings. The result of their creations - amazing!

Initially, the artist Mika Angela Hendricks did not want her 4-year-old daughter was next to her works. She is very serious about his own art and knew that my daughter wants to paint all my mother's creations. But one lovely daughter Miki said the words that changed everything.

«If you can not share it, we have to get rid of it». i>

She used her mother's words against the same, and now Angela had to make a choice. She gave her daughter to finish one of the paintings started, and soon there was a whole collection of lovely patterns.

The artist says that this experience of drawing with her daughter taught her many things. For example, sometimes you do not keep yourself within, and let myself go and just create.

Despite the fact that the figures look very unusual, in fact, they are not devoid of meaning. Share these lovely pictures with your friends!


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