Shocking pictures of the most popular celebrities without makeup. I did not even recognize them!

Tons of makeup not to spoil the true beauty, but a good make-up can hide a lot of shortcomings. Professional make-up artists of the world's beauties do wonders!

Especially for you picked the most unexpected photo most top stars with and without make-up. Compare these pictures that you see on television and magazine covers! The famous and popular in fact, mere mortals.


Pamela Anderson

Jennifer Lopez

Cameron Diaz

Nicole Richie

Nicole Scherzinger

Dzhescika Simpson

Olivia Wilde


Kristen Stewart

Jennifer Garner

Penelope Cruz

Lady Gaga


Britney Spears


Kate Moss

Katy Perry


It turns out that the world is not ideal. There is a good make-up artist and photo editors. Share these pictures with your friends.


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