He saved someone's life, while giving her. Doctors bowed their heads before this brave boy.

At age 11, all boys, without exception, dreaming of the coolest designers and typewriters. But this guy was svovsem another dream - to give someone hope for life. And most recently wish fulfilled.

11-year-old Chinese boy Yaoui Liang (Liang Yaoyi) stood out among their peers and the agility of the mind in the future would like to become a doctor. One day, being in school, he strongly felt dizzy. Man taken to hospital. Nothing bad foreshadowed this day. But Liang was released from the hospital with a terrible diagnosis - a brain tumor ...

Since then, Liang wanted only one thing - after death to donate their organs to others. «In the world of so many wonderful people every day to do good. And I want to be one of them », - i> Liang told his mother before his death.

Doctors were able to save the boy's liver and kidneys. During the life of Liang said that the donation - a kind of continuation of his life.

In this photo you can see how doctors bow to the deceased Liang. His act - a very heroic.

Thanks Liang someone got hope for a long and happy life. And because his memory deserves respect. Share this story about this guy with your friends!



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