These 10 secrets will help you to become more intelligent. Everything is very simple!

You probably think that the intellect - is what was laid down in every man by nature, and it can not be changed. But science shows that this is not the case. What we are trying to stimulate our brain, can significantly strengthen our mental abilities.

This, of course, does not mean that you need to go back to school and score their bookshelves or reading room a dozen books. According to recent polls, improving his mind does not require great effort and energy. Issue identified 10 things that will help you raise the level of IQ.

1. Smarter when you sit on the internet. B>
Every time you sit in the network, reading the news in the social networks or looking funny video - take a few minutes of his mental development. After all, the Internet - is not only a skateboarding dog, but also a great educational resource. The network has plenty of online courses, exciting books, as well as tools to help learn foreign languages.

2. Write down what you learned today. B>
Every day to learn something new, record it. This method also helps to become more intelligent. Every day, write down what you learned today.

3. Make a list of things that you have done. B>
A huge part of intelligence is the confidence and happiness, so it increases their list of things, but not those that you would like to do. Make a list of the goals you have achieved.

4. Remember the game of words. B>
Board games and puzzles - it's not only fun, but also a good way to increase your level of IQ. Play games, whether it's a bridge, checkers, chess, sea battle or words - it does not matter. The main thing - do not look at a book or online.

5. Be friends with smart people /
Friendship with people who are smarter than you - a good incentive for self-improvement, and one of the fastest ways to learn something new. Remember that your level of IQ - the average IQ between five of your closest friends. Only people surround themselves with higher level of intelligence than you. They teach you a lot.

6. He reads a lot.
Of course, it will not be for you a great secret that reading is one of the main ways to increase the level of IQ. However, over the fact that it is necessary to read, opinions diverge. Some people believe that you need to take in the habit of reading a daily newspaper, read others offer artistic or scientific literature. But all agree on one thing - a must-read. Read a lot!

7. Explain each.
As Einstein said: «If you can not explain his theory of 8-year-old child, it means that you did not know what to talk about». I> Make sure that you understand and learned the information you are well remembered. Try to explain it to someone else if you get - you're good to learn new skills.

8. I am always doing something new. B>
Take the example of Steve Jobs. After high school, he studied calligraphy in his spare time. It sounds illogical, but the future founder of Apple, these skills come in handy when creating the first Mac. Remember: you'll never guess what you may become useful in the future. Just trying something new and then see how it is useful to you.

9. Learn a new language. B>
You do not have to quickly learn how to speak fluently in a foreign language or just go abroad to improve the language that you choose. You can do in your free time without leaving the house - with modern technology it becomes publicly available.

10. Sit back. B>
For better assimilation of information our brains need to spend some time of inactivity. Allows himself a little time each day to relax. Premeditate what you learned the day.

To share these secrets with your friends, so you are surrounded by smart people!


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