This is perhaps the most amazing places on the planet! Having been there, you realize that he lived not in vain.

The world has so many unexplored! And believe me, if you thought he had traveled half the world, then you are definitely wrong. Have you ever been in the National Park of Wilson's Promontory, watched the volcano near the Gates of Hell, wandered through the streets of the French town of Najac? Here I am about the same. But these places are worth visiting. Life kotorka, so I advise you now to plan your next trip. And yet I'll help you choose the most beautiful place on the planet.

National Park of Wilson's Promontory, Victoria, Australia

«Gates of Hell", Turkmenistan

Chittorgarh, India

Kaslpoint, New Zealand

River Canyon Uvac, Serbia

Verёy, Norway

Burano, Venice, Italy

Basel, Switzerland

Loibl Pass, Carinthia, Austria

The Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

St Kilda, Scotland

Sorrento, South Italy

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

River Ginatua, Mindanao, Philippines

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Meteora, Greece

Castle Lichtenstein, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Lake Kaindy Kazakhstan

Portofino, Italy

Oh, look at this place and immediately pulls the plunge on a journey with his head. Our planet is beautiful, colorful and our cities atosferny, so why are you still sitting on the ground? Feel free to hit the road. But first, show these photos to your friends. I am sure, from the satellites will not rebound!

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