Swans enjoyed dinner, when the fish swam to him ... What happened then - fantastic!

When you observe the different situations, you can sometimes get the impression that the level of intelligence in animals is much higher than the level of intellectual abilities of some of the human race. It's no secret that the swans - this is a very intelligent and noble bird. The two men - is no exception! From the looks that they are more humane than many of us ...

Two swans decided to stay one's stomach. But then out of nowhere for them to swim up to a dozen carp, which, of course, did not let the birds eat food safely. What happened then, seems to be something inexplicable ... Just fantastic! But it turns out it's not what you thought about anything!

Looks very touching! You would have thought that the generous swans crumbs fall from the table hungry fish? In fact, the birds are not feeding fish. Their behavior has a simple and rational explanation in while Swans slurried food brazen fish decided to take a moment to steal them some food. Note that if you look closely, you will notice that the bird's beak is specially cleaned from the fish and trying to find a space in the water. Nevertheless, we can learn from animals. Swans do not behave aggressively towards the voracious fish. This is a prime example of how we need to live together with you in our world. Show this video to your friends!



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