Humpback whales off the coast of California

People resting on the California coast, were able to admire the huge humpback whales that feed in the area.
This is not every day you see.

1. In this sunny day on the coast rested a lot of people, and on the water floated a few yachts. Of course, many of the guests were aware that recently recorded a cluster of whales here, but people could not think that the contact with the sea giants come so close

2. One of the first who saw Gorbachev became 69-year-old retiree Bill Boughton (Bill Bouton). At this point, the man was driving, and his path lay in the town of San Luis Obispo.

3. Less than a minute, Bill stopped the car and directed the lens of his camera, which as always was with him on humpback whales. Giant mammals and vacationers already noticed people nearby. Some of them sailed to one of humpback literally at arm's length

4. Soon gathered around the whale had a crowd of onlookers. Some people have sailed close to their boats, while others took advantage of surfboards. Gorbachev himself all the time behaved very quietly, only occasionally churning the water with their massive fins.


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