They resemble each other like twins. But what lies behind these images - simply amazing!

People tend to think that each of us is unique and that it conveys only certain external and internal characteristics. But I think that everyone has to like it, man. However, he usually lives out of reach, and you may have never seen him. Today, the Internet has a lot of content with pictures of celebrities and their counterparts, as well as a large number of online resources that allow you to find your exact replica of the stars or the ordinary people.

Canadian photographer Francois Brunelli decided to seek counterparts from around the world to create an interesting project called "I am not a double." Francois spent about two years in search of people who would be like each other as two drops of water, and finally embodied the planned project to life. "I do not double" - a series of black and white photos, which shows pictures damn similar to each other people who met for the first time and are not connected to each other by any family ties. The photographer chose a black and white shot without reason, since the difference in the color of eyes, hair, skin can distract from the main. The facial features, facial expressions, smile, look - the similarity between these strikes strangers!

The fact that they are people first met during filming, shocking. One thing is clear - the human genetics works wonders! This project is even its name is intended to convey to us the idea that, despite the resemblance, each of us - a unique personality. Show pictures of these incredibly similar to each other people your friends.


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