What is it - to be a woman? The Chinese have decided to test the "Joy" birth pangs in their own skin.

What is it - to be a woman? Chinese men in the literal sense of the word decided to test all the "joys" childbirth in their own skin and to confirm their affiliation to the stronger sex. All interested persons had the opportunity to experience for free the indescribable feeling. All this happened at the event in support of motherhood. Attached to the belly of the experimental special sensors that allow it to feel all the pain that a woman experiences during labor. To say that the men were surprised - to say nothing. They were not exactly a laughing matter! Some even asked for mercy. To pass such a test has been the strength is not for everyone ...

Such actions contribute to the mutual understanding between spouses. A man can finally feel that we have to go through a woman during childbirth. Such experiments only prove the illegality of the phrase "weaker sex." By the way, such studies are not held for the first time. Look, we had to postpone this brave. Share this interesting experiment to your friends.



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