He was looking for the way home and faced mortal danger ... but come to the aid of true friends!

It hurts to lose loved ones. It is hard to imagine that someone who has recently been close to you, suddenly disappeared or was very far away. Sometimes pets are also becoming full members of our family. And then we do not fit in the head, how we lived without them.

This cute puppy has also become an integral part of someone's life, but one day he was lost. The owner was beside himself with grief and immediately went in search of a baby. Ads that he pasted around town were his last hope ... All alone, hungry and tired, puppy finally found his way home. When he was quite close to the goal, he suddenly appeared in his path in mortal danger ... But what happened then, make you believe in true friendship!

I can only imagine the joy experienced master, when again he saw his puppy. That this should be the true friendship - with sincere and genuine feelings! True friends are ready to help, even in the most difficult moment ... Show me the most touching video family and closest people.



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