The world through the eyes of ordinary Russian schoolgirl ... This work will make you think seriously about my life!

Sit for a moment and remember their school years ... What are you feeling right now cause? Loved Do you study? Do you ran to the school, at breakneck speed, or reluctantly dragged his feet into it, as it seemed then, hateful place? I am sure that today you said that you were a good student and always liked to learn. Just in time for all of us tend to forget the bad and remember the past with a pleasant hint of nostalgia. And indeed, if you look, children's issues that each of us is faced at school, now seem really ridiculous. But you just remember when you were a kid, all these issues are global you. It seemed to them that the world has gone wedge.

Try again to look at the world through the eyes of a child - sensitive eyes, clear and direct. This work is not an ordinary Russian schoolgirl adult data, which affect you deeply and cause to reflect on their own lives.


«When I go to school, I did not look around, because not look at that. The journey takes 15 minutes. I walk along the narrow, slippery paths, go past the shop "Pyaterochka" and by his enormous garbage, then past another garbage, standing near homes. She flaunts right in the middle of the road, and it is always littered always smokes. I>

I'm going through the school yard number 682, bypass group of smoking mothers, loudly discussing school. Past go wipers with spades, which I dodge, hurry children with huge backpacks and walking cats. They are funny and beautiful. In the fall, they were kittens. I'm curious to see how they grow. I>

ruffled doves sit on wires, and perhaps discuss everything was in order. Sometimes I see dead doves and cry. I>

I do not like the way to school. I like the way home from school, especially on Friday. I did not notice anything wrong. I see cheerful children, beautiful in any weather Moscow sky and wonderful paths, great children's playgrounds, operating cranes and birds in the sky! » I>

Many adults must now begin to sound the alarm, believing that this little girl's problems with the perception of reality. But I saw this well-written essay a real look at the world, a lot of sincerity, of observation, compassion and good humor of children. Children, as we know, in my life longer guided by the heart and the senses. As they say, what I see, what I write.

Good or bad, but many of today's kids do not like school. Think of yourself in the morning in the bus, when you go to work. Hand on heart, tell me, do you feel at this moment happiness or joy? Is Shining smile on your face? And now, remember the feelings overwhelm you, when you come on Friday from work to home. You feel the difference? The road home Friday is always beautiful! Then magically disappear somewhere and smoking mothers, and dead pigeons. Share this incredibly realistic and positive outlook on the world of the child with his friends.

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