Magic art on potter's wheel. Just a few movements - and I could not take my eyes!

Since ancient times, pottery was considered one of the most popular crafts. But the modern Russian painter and potter Michael Gardeners turned the occupation into an art. Michael with a known pottery in the method of "sliding" creates on the wet clay amazing hypnotic web of enchanting beauty that is simply impossible to take your eyes! Openwork patterns that emerge from the fingers of the master, are particularly delicacy and symmetry. The video consists of three parts, each of which has its own musical accompaniment. All this combined with the magical music like a delightful dance right on the potter's wheel. If you want to forget about the whole earth and bread and just relax, turn on the video - and you will be in a completely different world. In the 10th minute there is something incredible!

beautiful! Never in my life seen anything like it. Michael simply magician! I do not regret that I spent 15 minutes of my life on this exciting spectacle. If this magic video made you the same excitement, share it with your friends!


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