These kids try the breakfast offered all over the world. Their reaction is simply priceless!

In today's world there are many opportunities to familiarize children with different cultures. You, for example, you can go with your child on a journey, write it to the courses of foreign languages ​​or simply lead to the museum.

But if you wish to do something more original, this video is undoubtedly useful to you.

That American kids offered to try all the world's cultures literally taste. Kids breakfast presented from different parts of the world. But it turned out to be something quite different from what they are accustomed to. Children's reactions to traditional breakfasts from around the world just worth it! What a cute these kids ...

come to mind the words of the classics of Soviet cinema: < i> «How disgusting it is your fish in aspic!» i> the kid is not up to snuff! Their sincerity and spontaneity touches the extreme. Share this priceless reaction of kids for breakfast from around the world to your friends.


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