10 eye-popping buildings, which had carried out right now! Incredible sight!

Have knowledge of the future - the cherished dream of millions of people. Looking at the ten buildings presented in this article, you will see your future house without leaving your computer. Apparently, the architecture of the future will rush up - no wonder most of these buildings skyscrapers. However, while the faceless boxes and repetitive spikes seems to have passed. Intricate spiral whimsical centipedes, shape resembling a conch shell - builders flight of thought is amazing! In addition, the surrounding landscape, this "Tens" fits with a bang. It seems that the future will still be beautiful, albeit made up of millions of tons of concrete and glass.

1. Shanghai Tower

One foot building is located in the present, because of its construction has been completed, and the last time there were finishing work. Currently, the tower is the second tallest in the world, although a couple of years and has slipped to last place in the top five. However, the landscape, opening from its top, will remain excellent. In the past year, two daredevils from Russia illegally got there and showed the world the magnificence of Shanghai's species. Himself skyscraper designed multifunctional. It consists of nine vertical zones and weather problems it protects the glass cover, which also provides high-quality and ventilation.

2. Lotte World Tower

Fragment of entertainment center Lotte World in Seoul, capital of South Korea, Lotte World Tower will be the tallest building in the whole peninsula, ahead of North Korea's pride - Hotel Ryugyong. Skyscraper began to build back in 2005, but due to problems with various constraints of the project "frozen" until 2010. Filling the building will be the standard - starting from the bottom, it will house shops, offices and apartments, a hotel, and to crown it all is a viewing platform.

3. Dubai Pearl

Another ingenious creation of the Arab architects, "Pearl Dubai" - a four skyscraper joined the so-called "heavenly bridge" and having obshee basis. The result is a building remotely resembling a stool. Stool This, however, flew developers $ 4 billion. Among other things, Dubai Pearl will be placed and the theater premium for 1800 seats, which will be the home of the Dubai International Film Festival.

4. Royal Tower

Royal Tower, also known as the "tower-height-in-Mile" - one of the first buildings in the world, approaching kilometer. If we assume with a spire, this skyscraper will kilometer with confidence. As part of the city of Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), this incredible building will consist of 167 floors, which will house hotels, business centers, and of course, luxury housing. Terrace observation is only 157 on a floor, even in this case it makes the highest in the world. Finish the structure will not be before 2019.

5. Agora Garden

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan's capital, Agora Garden is probably the most unusual building of all presented in this article. Its shape copies the DNA double helix, and he built of materials suitable for reuse. The gardens are located on the balcony of each floor of the building luxury, make it look like a huge symbol of the union of man and nature. In addition, its design includes solar panels and rainwater recycling system, enabling residents, in which case, exist on the full self-sufficiency.

6. Hotel Songjiang

This luxurious hotel is located near Shanghai and is built directly on the walls of the quarry. The facade of the hotel is wonderful waterfall to flow, and the lower floors of it and all are located under water. Can you imagine what kind of will be there to open ?! Geothermal energy will ensure the building and on the roof equip meadows. Songjiang is the perfect place to relax lovers of rock climbing and bungee jumping!

7. Davang Mountain Resort

As with the previous structure from consideration here Davang built over an abandoned quarry. However, there the similarity ends. Davang owners described as "the world of ice entertainment." In addition, the resort will be built water park, indoor ski complex and broken hanging gardens.

8. Suzhou Dzhunnan Center

This skyscraper to be the longest journey of all, because its opening is scheduled for the distant 2020. However, for such an ambitious project is not so long time, because even at the time of the completion of the Centre confidently enter into the top five high-rises in the world, and immediately takes the third place! Coming first in height among the buildings of China in comparison with that achievement will look is somehow weak. Filling the skyscraper will be the standard - a residential complex, a hotel, office space.

9. World One

Skyscraper with boastful name is now being built in the Indian city of Mumbai. He claims to be the highest residential building of the world. Shelter for moneybags accommodate 300 three- and four-room apartments, the price of which starts from half a million dollars. Funny, that if "frozen" Indian tower project run again, that is not possible, the World One is not even the tallest structure in the city.


Center for the Study and Research of oil King Abdullah, also known as KARSARC, in this collection is the "low-growing" building, but one of the most original. Outwardly, it resembles a giant clam shell or titanic size crystal. Seemingly, this absurdity can not be anything else other than the villain's lair from a computer game, or the citadel of the newcomers. However, the structure is the most that neither is real. There will be held not only the study of oil, but also to study alternative energy sources. Opening date of the object is still unknown because of the huge amount of work, but the steel frame of the building is ready.

//player.vimeo.com/video/27055086?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0&color=1eabd8Как see, without exception, the structure of this list are in Asia. What does this mean? At least the fact that the eastern architects are not afraid to take risks and experiment with materials and styles. And as you know, the champagne goes primarily to those who risked!

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