20 cats who think that dog - a cushion. And let the whole world wait...

Who would not want to sleep on an air cushion myagenkoy? Similarly, no cats ... especially if the role of the pillow will make a great, warm, soft and even the dog. It is believed that cats and dogs do not get along really something. They say: "Living like a cat with a dog." This expression usually has a negative connotation and means to live disjointed, constantly quarreling, swearing. But look at these sentimental couple. It seems they really like to be in each other's company. This 20 cats who think that dog - a pillow, well or 20 dogs who think that cats - a blanket. Now you have found the answer to the eternal question: "Is a friendship between cats and dogs?»

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Live pyramid.

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Warm feather hat.

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With them everything is fine? Not rejected if they skate? B>

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It is a paradise on Earth!

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Right yin and yang!

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This dog is not superstitious ...

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reliable support.

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The Cat in the tone of a dog.

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A cat or a koala?

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«strangle you in my arms!»

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A small but udalenky.

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«We damn different, but we have one thing in common - laziness flows in our veins ...»

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Sweet dream ...

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Red-shameless, and even lazy!

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fast asleep like a baby!

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And let the whole world wait ...

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«Always dreamed of your own pony!»

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With best friend is even easier to endure the difficulties of life ...

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The murderous power of love.

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Is not that cute? Your friends probably have never been able to observe such a perfect picture. Destroyed their stereotypes and show them these pictures.

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