Here's what a nightmare were willing women of the last century, just to look pretty. Horror!

Many men find female cosmetology sphere covered with a veil of secrecy. Even a woman in a mask for the face and tweezers for eyelash curler presenting them with a wild terror, what to speak about these devices last century. These images are sometimes more like a photo preproduction horror film than the procedures to make the lady more beautiful.

Looking at these photos, you begin to enjoy that nowadays all this is more or less aesthetically pleasing and not so scary. Unsweetened had girls who use these "tools." But that just will not do a woman to please a man.

2. In the 1920s, hairdryers impressive size used to quickly dry the hair. B>

3. This strange sinister device used not for experiments on the brain, and hair curler in Germany during the 1920s. B>

4. This unit - the development of well-known company Max Factor. Used for quick correction make-up. B>

5. This face mask was designed to warm the skin, but often become the main motive of childhood nightmares. B>

6. In the 1940s, it became popular slimming salons. Each of them has its own method and various accessories. It - foot massager in one of these rooms. B>

7. These masks are used in their beauty salons Helena Rubinstein, one of the richest women of the period. B>

8. Sunscreen only appeared in 1940, before that it is not only used to protect yourself from the sun. The photo shows a cape with integrated sunglasses. B>

9. Fashion for shiny curls curled forced women 30-40-ies to sit for hours with such devices on your head. B>

10. Lemon masks were very popular procedure in beauty salons of the time, but now we all know that lemons are not suitable for such purposes. B>

11. With this unit, which is worn on the head of a woman trying to get pink skin tone by reducing the air pressure inside the "helmet». B>

12. This machine was invented in 1930 for the exhaustion of acne skin. Due to the fact that the nozzle were made of glass, and the pressure was difficult to control, the invention is not stuck. B>

13. These rubber masks were designed to tighten the skin and rid it of various kinds of deficiencies. It is difficult to say anything about their effectiveness, but they look very impressive. B>

14. Another "brilliant" invention of Max Factor - hungover mask. These plastic cubes filled with water and frozen. B>

These devices can not be viewed without the shadow of fear. How bold were the last woman to go through this? It is good that today everything has become much easier and more efficient and does not need to go to such cosmetologists.

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