It seemed as if it was a regular examination by a pediatrician. But what happened next made all mothers cry ...

I think none of my mother will never forget the first year of their child. These sleepless nights when your offspring are cut first teeth, first attempts baby keep your head and sit to see the world, the first steps on tiny legs, the first is not entirely clear, but such a long-awaited words ... During this period, every woman has a hard time, but it worth it. Truth be told, that my mother - it is work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no weekends, holidays and wages, so even with the most fastidious boss, which you can imagine. How cool when husbands can adequately assess the full extent of the love, warmth, care and affection that his wife give to their children. On Earth, there is probably nothing more excellent and stunning ...

shares with you a touching act, from which the tears welling in her eyes, even in the toughest nuts. That's what a real surprise!

One day these mothers brought their children to the doctor in clinic. Nothing special, just a duty infants medical examination, which was 12 months. B>

The doctor asked a few standard questions, such as: "Can it be?»

Mommy willingly shared their invaluable experience they have gained this year. Women admitted that it was not easy and that they are often unsure about the fact whether they do everything. B>

While mom was at the doctor's, the fathers of their children were waiting in the hallway, preparing a wonderful surprise.

Husbands wanted to show their wives how much they are grateful.

When the mother came out of the cabinet, at first they could not understand what was going on.

They just do not believe their eyes.

No one was able to hold back the tears from what I saw - so strong are the emotions.

What happened at that time, while the women were in the doctor's office? Pope hung throughout the corridor moving pictures of their wives with babies. B>

Add to them a note with the most sincere words. The inscription on the note: "Thank you for your decision to do it!» B>

«Thank you for all your efforts in this most difficult year of his life," - said one of the men.

«Now I know what real happiness" - confessed to the other.

When the woman came out of the clinic, each of them waiting for a favorite with a birthday cake in their hands.

But this was not a cake for a child ...

It was intended for ... Mom. Because, if you think about, it's her birthday. Birthday new mom. B>

Once seen, I do not know as much as possible better express my gratitude for the truly Herculean effort that puts every mother in the first year of their baby. Any man should learn even such respectful attitude to his wife. To the one that made him the happiest around the globe, giving a small miracle. Women deserve to make them a surprise every day!

Be sure to share this article with my mother - she will be grateful. And do not forget to touch anyone who has already become parents - they will understand that it is a joy!

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