For the sake of beauty, they are ready for everything! 10 most brutal tests which were women all over the world ...

The ideals of feminine beauty change with the passage of time. Also representations of the ideal differently in each nation, and even of the tribe. Some pull the neck, the other stuffed tattoos, others bandaged foot. When you look at these women and what they went through, you start to appreciate the modern views on the exterior. Although it is very difficult to follow them, even today, and from time to time we come across girls who suffer from mental disorders, and food on the basis of appearance, or the victims of failed plastic surgeries. But still it is incomparable with the horrific facts of abuse, which are described in this article.

1. Swan-neck women's Kayan tribe
The inhabitants of this tribe the representation of female beauty. Here believe that the longer the female representatives at the neck, so it is closer to the ideal. In pursuit of the dream of little girls as young as 5 years 6 wear brass rings, gradually adding new ones, and so on until the end of life.


2. Stop dressing
In China, things were very severe, as the legs are considered to be of normal size this ugliness. A woman with a small foot was the embodiment of fantasy of every man. Therefore since childhood girls bent inwards and the fingers tightly bandaged foot, causing wear shoes very small. This procedure was painful and caused a lot of trouble.


3. Tattoos-smile women Ainu people
The corners of the mouth incised and filled with ash. It was believed that this ritual will bring family well-being and peaceful afterlife. Also, women with tattoos covered his hands. These signs could determine marital status, presence of children, and other human characteristics. Now the descendants of the tribe applied these tattoos figures only during the celebrations.


4. Lead dust
Powder with a lead content used by women in the XVII century. With its help, you can get a beautiful complexion, hiding all defects. But in addition to the level of the skin, like cosmetics brought paralysis, brain cancer and other fatal diseases.


5. Tattoos tribal women Apatanis
Women of this tribe is going to try to look less attractive as possible, making the tattoo on his face and tunnels in the nose and ears, so that they did not take a wife representatives of other tribes.


6. Radioactive cosmetics
Cosmetics containing chloride of thorium and radium bromide was popular in the 30s. It is touted as a miracle tool that removes all the problems with the skin and makes it fantastically attractive. But no one told the poor ladies that after application can fall off the jaw.


7. Tapeworms
There were pills, which were inside the tapeworm eggs. All the food is absorbed instead of being the hostess, which in some cases reached 30 meters in length.


8. Arsenic
Arsenic was supposed to give a person a youthful appearance, his eyes shine and body - alluring roundness. Receiving funds needed to start with a single grain, and gradually increase the dose. Drinking arsenic doomed man to do it all my life, since the termination was fraught with death.


9. Belladonna
This berry juice woman buried her eyes. From this they get shine, and pupils dilate. However, it often ended with blindness.


10. Corsets
Corsets were made of whalebone and sculpting a woman's body, often distorting and mutilating the internal organs.


Incredibly, what women were not only to society and men find them beautiful. We can only breathe a sigh of relief that we do not live in a time when it was considered a must stop dressing or very tight corsets. Share these shocking facts with your friends!

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