This family once saved a wounded chick. Since that time, they did not spill water ...

Many research and facts of life show that birds - an incredibly intelligent beings. After the Bloom family from Australia saved the magpie, a bird, dubbed Pingvi constantly visiting their saviors, and often hides in their comfortable home on the weather bad weather.

One day in 2013, 11-year-old Noah found a wounded fledgling library. After the head of the family, his wife and three children, Cameron (13-year-old Ruben, 11-year-old Noah and 9-year-old Ollie) cured magpie, they let her go free. But the grateful bird each time returning to spend time with these kind-hearted people. The bird was very sociable: it plays with a ball, walking down their house and even sitting on their shoulders.

Every time Pingvi accompanies family members in school and at work, and when the children come home from school, she happily greets them. «This bird just like a dog ... Instead of wagging tail, she sits on a tree and joyfully waving wings, as if welcoming us», i> - tells Noah.

«This little girl broke into our lives, when she was only 3 weeks old. She fell from the tree ... » i>

«Little by little, we still managed to bring her back to life. All that is needed for this - a special diet for the birds and the sea embrace ». I>

«She is watching TV, sports, and even the children in the morning arrives to someone from our bed, so we caress it». i>

«could never have thought that it would become so dear to us. Kids love it even more than our dog ». I>


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