20 most beautiful living spaces in the world. I would give anything to live there!

Each person is sure to have a list of places that are worth a visit. Who among us has not dreamed of swimming in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, sunbathe on Thai beaches or, at worst, simply to drink cocktails in the resorts of Egypt or Turkey. I will not be surprised if among us there are those who would like to not just go in the paradise of the world, but to stay there ... live! After all, why limit yourself to a week or two long-awaited vacation, and then return to the gray days, if you can transform his whole life into a real celebration, settling wherever your heart desires.

I have prepared for you excellent selection of 20 of the most beautiful residential areas with stunning interior design that are in the most picturesque corners of the globe. This is called a hit the jackpot when the house of your dreams is located in a fabulous location, which dreamed of since childhood. It's amazing how well the designers have tried creating such masterpieces. I envy those lucky ones who were lucky to wake up every morning in these apartments and watch this kind of out the window. I'm wild delight!

1. Nook on the edge of the world. Ladera Resort, St. Lucia

2. In the underwater kingdom of Poseidon. Bedrooms at the hotel in the Maldives

3. A place where time stands still ... resort in Brazil

4. And let the whole world wait ... House in Australia

5. The royal luxury in the lap of nature. Hotel on the island of St. Lucia

6. Here you forget about time and space. Hotel Room, Austria

7. Small house in the forest when you're alone with nature ... California, USA

8. Feel like the king of the world! The apartments on a cruise ship Oaza Mărilor

9. Better then mountains can be only mountains! Zermatt, Switzerland

10. One lodge at your service. Florida, USA

11. This modern penthouse apartment with excellent views. Zermatt, Switzerland

12. Luxury apartment in the tower with a clock. Brooklyn, NY

13. For those who love the charm of past eras. Yellowstone Club in Montana

14. A cozy cottage, from which not even want to go. Zermatt, Switzerland

15. Forward behind adventures: Jungle name! Hotel on the island of St. Lucia

16. The house where dreams come true. Alps, Switzerland

17. When the Cathedral turns, turns, turns ... in a luxury apartment! B>

18. Probably, this is my paradise! Hotel on Bora Bora

19. Here's where you can count the stars and watch the northern lights, lying in bed ... Kakslauttanen, Finland

20. When the wildest childhood fantasies come to life. Treehouse Costa Rica

I can not believe my eyes that such houses, apartments and resorts exist actually. That would be at least in one of them! Standing ovation the designers who have designed these miracles - accommodations incredibly harmoniously blended into the environment. Most show a friend the top 20 of the best interiors in the world - it will be beside herself with delight!



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