Sexiest actors over 40, from which the head is spinning. Time has no power over them ...

That's how nature, in most cases, a person when aging, alas, becoming less attractive and charming. However, this rule has exceptions. Living on earth are men, which age only to face. Over the years, these famous macho are only charismatic, sexy, charming and attractive.

I decided to share with you, "tasty" a selection of photographs of celebrities, over which time has no power. They - like a good wine, with age becomes only better. And would you say that this is far from the written handsome 40, and some 50 or even 60? Hell, many of them look a hundred times better than in his youth! I'm a grown man, I do not believe in the existence of a youth serum, but looking at them, I realize that these celebrities have exactly a secret. Carefully, the level of sexuality in this post just rolls over, so get ready: now there will be on-the-very hot!

Daniel Craig (47 years old)

Robert Downey Jr. (50 years old)

Brad Pitt ('51)

Vladimir Mashkov ('51)

Hugh Jackman (46 years old)

Colin Firth (54)

George Clooney ('53)


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