7 inspiring and encouraging phrases that you are obliged to print and re-read it every day.

It has long been proven that life is exactly how you imagine it. In the universe there is harmony - there is no separation in the "good" and "bad." These labels only live in our minds. All events are inherently neutral and have the two sides of the coin. Everything depends on our perception. Want to be happy? Do not wait for the sea weather, and now live as a happy person. Everything in this world created for our benefit. Only need to learn to be consistent with the laws of the universe.

This 7 inspirational phrases that invigorate better than a cup of coffee or a cold ocean wave in the summer heat. The number 7 is considered a lucky number. Let these statements will set you on a positive wave of life and bring you success. These sayings are worth their print and hang it somewhere in a visible place!

These phrases would like to re-read again and again and share it with your friends ... Take the fate of all the best and do not bother about trifles. May you always and in all luck. Love your life and be happy it!

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