Remember: you do not owe anything to anyone! 16 golden rules to help you to live differently.

Society constantly imposes on us the idea that we are bound to something someone should. Once you decide which differs from the opinion of others, or does not fit the traditional concepts of morality, prepared for the fact that once you meet the ocean condemnation from others. In these days when freedom of speech is paramount, everyone somehow believes he has the right to tell others how to live, what to do and with whom to chat.

Maybe an online journal you now a bit surprised if he said one simple truth: you do not owe anything to anybody. Yes, my friend, remember this phrase once and for all. It is not a question of certain obligations to his family, relatives and friends - and so it goes without saying. Every time someone tries to impose you my opinion, hiding behind the generally accepted rules of conduct and fictitious obligations to others, do not rush to go at it on occasion. First of all you have to use common sense, intuition, his own desires and preferences. Do not let others manipulate you, because often people are just trying to instill in you a sense of duty and obligation. Now, remember these rules and repeat every day before going to sleep, like a prayer.

So, hacked to death on your nose, you never have to:

Take a mental note of these golden rules. You can print out and hang in a prominent place, re-reading in public transport or add to favorites. You yourself must decide what to do with my life. No one else, no matter how hard, do not do it better than you. Exercise your brain and live as he sees fit. Within reason, of course!

Remember these rules himself, and be sure to share them with your friends - this post must see!

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